Emma grew up on a farm in the countryside south of Stockholm, Sweden. After studying Litterature
at Stockholm University she continued to Art and Crafts studies at Nyckelviksskolan and Birkagårdens
Folkhögskola in Stockholm. In 1998 she was accepted at Konstfack Graphic Design and Illustration.

In her Master of Fine Arts in 2003, she was receiving the "Konstfack University College for Art, Craft and Design grant”.
Among Illustrated books are ”Skrotsamlarskolan” (part one and two), ”När jag blir stor, en ABC-bok”,
”Charles Darwin-tankar som förändrade världen”, produced by publishing companies "Rabén och
Sjögren” and "LL-förlaget”. Emma was cooperating with a Swedish Agency for Illustratiors; Agent Form.
In 2006 was her first Solo exhibition at "Crystal Palace", a contemporary Art Gallery with whom she
produced tree soloshows, also some group shows and Art Faires. 
Rewarded with numerous  funds from the Swedish Art Grants Committee, both as a Free Artist and as
an Illustrator, most likely one of very few to receive funds in these two cathegories. 
The most recent Soloshow was at "Wallner Gallery” 2016. Latest published book was at "LL-förlaget”, 
September 2016 

Emma Åkerman is reestablishing as an Illustrator after about ten years working with Art.